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dakinicons's Journal

Dakinigrl's Icon Journal
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I've been making icons on LiveJournal for a few years now. I figured I might as well attempt to organize my collection at this point. My laptop crashed in 2008, taking all my files with it. Luckily I had my icons here in my scrapbook. I'm not planning on having to go through this hassle again. Once I am able to rip all my old icons off LJ and rename and organize them, well, then life will be perfect, right? Uh huh.

I'm not a freak about people using my digital work, either with or without credit given to me. I do this to relax. If I wanted to be stressed out about it I would try to make money at it. I already spend enough time being stressed about things in 3D. This can stay chill.

If I have used an image of yours, a brush, or some other thing you created without giving you credit, I apologize in advance and will definitely post credit to you should you wish it. Just email me and I will be happy to comply. I'm insanely lazy about keeping track of where I get things on line. I already spend too much time in my for profit life trying to keep track of things... and I'm not terribly good at that either. I'm taking the term flakey artist to a while new level. I blame copious amounts of drugs in my early years. And George Bush.

All skate!